Joe Brewer – An Introduction to Culture Design

What is happening to our planet? How can we make sense of the massive changes restructing every facet of our world? Joe Brewer shares a sobering, realistic, and inspiring perspective.

Part One, Part Two

Bonnitta Roy – Where Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and Ezra Klein Go Wrong

A thourough and mature analysis of why many ‘experts’ fail to have generative and productive conversations (and how we can learn from their mistakes).


Tiago Forte – Emergent Productivity

How do we deal with a constant state of TMI? Tiago Forte paints a picture of how to have a systematic and wise relationship to the flows of information in our life.


Taylor Pearson – The End of Jobs

What is the future of work? How do we position ourselves to prevent becoming a turkey? Taylor Pearson shares his perspective on WTF is going on with the economy and the attitudes and skills that will survive the radical transformations remaking the world.